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United States PR4

United States PR4

United States PR4   United States PR4
Scott #PR4 - 5¢ light blue on yellowish paper. A natural straight edge at top, thins at top and a couple of creases. The stamp has an extremely light cancel. Scott notes, PR4 used is valued with faults. Newspaper and Periodical stamps were only in use between 1865 and 1898.

As they were attached to bundles, most of the stamps were thrown away with the periodical's wrappings. Because the Newspaper and Periodical stamps were issued for use on bulk packages of newspapers and periodicals, the first stamps were especially large and colorful, so they could be spotted easily by postal workers.

Elaborate designs prevented forgery and made them some of the most beautiful stamps ever issued. Many of the stamps feature full-length females with names like Freedom, Justice and Peace - references to the benefits of democracy. The figures are important symbols, as Congress felt newspapers and periodicals were important for an informed public, making a stronger democracy. This item is in the category "Stamps\United States\Back of Book\Revenues".

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  • Color: Blue
  • Certification: Uncertified
  • Quality: Used
  • Denomination: 5 Cent
  • Place of Origin: United States
  • Grade: VF/XF (Very Fine/Extremely Fine)

United States PR4   United States PR4