Revenue Stamp Cent

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  • Rs191a Bennett Pieters & Co Co's. 1866 Proprietary Medicine Revenue 4c Black Old
  • 1864 Ro90a Revenue Match & Medicine Wm Gates, Frankfort New York 6c 13.5x15.5mm
  • Bigjake Ro39d 1 Cent Bowers & Dunham, Match And Medicine
  • Bigjake Ro91b, 3 Cent Wm. Gates Match & Medicine
  • Us Revenue Sc# R65a 70 Seventy Cents Imperf Used Stamp
  • Bigjake R13b, 2 Cent Proprietary Part Perf 1st Revenue Issue
  • Us Re189 38 1/4c Wines Internal Revenue Series Of 1941 Unused Vf Mnh
  • Pr69 84c Red Mint Dist. Gum Spp Abn American Bank Note 1879 Newspaper Stamp Vf
  • #rs140a 2 Vermilion Imperf Pair Husband's Match & Medicine Private Die Revenue
  • Rs14d Barham Pile Cure Co. Barham's Medicine Proprietary Revenue 4c Green Wmk
  • Us Scott #pr91 2c Newspaper Stamp, Mint Ognh Cv $1075
  • 1864 Wv11 Wv12 Wv13 Us Civil War Sanitary Fair Used Spcl Cancels Pse Set Stamps
  • #rs128d Home Bitters Watermarked Match & Medicine Proprietary Revenue 1879-81
  • Bigjake R22d, 4 Cent Proprietary Exp. Silk 1st Revenue Issue
  • Bigjake Ro30b, 1 Cent B. J. & Co. Match & Medicine
  • Bigjake R53d, 40 Cent Inland Exchange Exp. Silk 1st Revenue Issue
  • Ro37b Bousfield & Poole Cleveland Oh Match & Medicine Revenue 3c Blue Silk Paper
  • Various Lot Rare Eye Water Stamp, Hall & Ruckel Revenue Stamp, Matches Stamp